A few years ago, on a mission in Singapore, 5 young high potentials (we can be modest too) developped on the idea that soft skills are useless unless combined with hard skills, methodologies and hard work.

We decided to not join the stock market like many do, nor to buy gold or bricks, but to invest some agreed amount of $$$, BEF, (or other currencies) by coaching CxOs or other high potentials already at CxO level till we would be CxO ourselves, or old men and women at the border of the sea (Hemingway).

We imposed no single constraint on us or anybody, and merged effectively (???) Q, James, Ninja and Miss Universe into each of us...

The group split way before we then had anticipated: 4 out of 5 were CxO, and ever since, sporadic contacts reveal that we only talk if we are sure that we have something to say, that we only work if we do not have something else to do, and that we only get paid (5-7 figure amounts) to enforce and accelerate the CxO coaching. We all earned enough for big companies to enjoy what we all want.

At our first renewed contact, we had all a little netbook and talked how wonders helped us. Today, we might help you wandering around with our toolbox on our tablet,-)

Top quality requires top incentives, give & take, no?

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